Why Is Waking Up Early Super Awesome?

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Hi! Hey there! Hello!


Wow! Wow! Wow! Oh and some more Wow! What an amazing week it has been! Holy guacamole! Where do I begin…


Last week started with a self-love initiative for myself and here’s why… I decided to make health and happiness my number 1 priority every day. I went from waking up at 8:30am every morning to waking up at 4:44am (nope that wasn’t a typo… it’s Angel Numbers… some of you already knew that!). I’ve learned that my body absolutely loves to wake up that early, and my mind loves it just as much.


So I start my morning with a brief 20 minute walk on the treadmill to get closer to my fitness goals (tracked with my Misfit Shine fitness tracker). It’s the perfect amount of time for me. I’m not just doing it to lose weight… I’m also doing it for an opportunity to let my blood circulate and heal what it needs to heal, get the old energy out of my body and replace it with new energy, and give my mind and body and opportunity to wake up before I get caught up in the daily madness that we call life. It’s such a great gift that I’ve given myself…


After my walk, I get some chores done around my home (you should know I absolutely hated doing dishes up until last week)… I realized that I hated cleaning so much because when I’d get home from work I’d be so exhausted that I’d just put it off for the weekend. Then comes the weekend and I have a whole kitchen full of pots and pans and plates and cups and OMG WHY DO WE EVEN USE DISHES!!! But I’ve been enjoying the dish cleaning routine in the mornings because I actually have the time and energy to do it. And it helps to use dish soap that is easy on my hands and smells so refreshing… I’m using Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap with the Lemon Verbana scent. Before that I was using the Basil scented one. Nom nom nom! Smells so good and is super gentle on my sensitive skin hands. Long story short… I’m doing my dishes on a regular basis and I don’t hate it (for now lol).


I have been getting so much done in the mornings before work, it’s ridiculous! Why didn’t I ever know there was such a thing as early mornings. Not only am I getting so much done, I’m also in a great mood all day with the energy to get me as far as 9pm… and then my body says “Hey Lena, umm you know how we woke up at 4:44am this morning? Well I really hate to say this, but it’s time to pass out… Battery is running low.” And so I’m passed out by 9:30pm… Haha! I never thought I would be one of those people who sleep before 10pm, but OMG those people are so smart and I’m so glad I’m one of them!


In addition to waking up early which has provided both health and time-management benefits, I’ve also hired a company called Seattle Sutton to make and deliver my (very healthy) meals for the week. I was nervous at first thinking the portions were going to be way too small, but surprisingly, I’m not only feeling full with each meal, but it actually tastes really freaking good. It’s all made fresh (not frozen), calorie and portion controlled, and they’ll deliver it to your home or office. I have them deliver mine to my office and I just store all the meals for quick and easy access to whatever I feel like eating that day. It costs about $100-$150 a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I think that comes out to about $20 to $25 a day… which means I’m also saving money (and not throwing away groceries because I accidentally bought too much because I was too hungry when I went shopping)… Woohoo!


Last week I also had the pleasure of reconnecting with an old friend of mine. He’s one of those guys who could make you laugh till you cry… Even though we haven’t spoken in years, it was nice reconnecting and picking up where we left off. I guess that’s how you know they’re a good friend… No small talk, no awkward conversations… You just dive right in and connect. Good times.


I spent most of last week prepping for the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Tinley Park IL, this past weekend. OMG! What an amazing experience that was… I met so many cool people who inspired me, I gave away a whole lotta free gifts, and I did my talk for the 2nd time ever. Last time I had about 10 people in the crowd… This time it was about 50 people, the room was packed, and I was forced to use a mic! I’m sure I blacked out for most of it, but I have some flashbacks from the experience… I remember speaking about why people need to become authors, the roadblocks we create for ourselves, and the way around those roadblocks. I also cracked a bunch of jokes because I was super nervous and well being funny is part of my authentic spirit so….


Luckily, everyone laughed at my jokes, or they were laughing at me, but no matter what they were laughing. After the talk several people came up to me and said I need to pursue stand up comedy… Why does this matter to me? They were complete strangers. Not friends or family telling me I should do it… It’s totally different, CRYSTAL! Crystal Simpelo was my super awesome helper at the expo. She was amazing and I am so glad she was there to support and assist me through everything… She was doing the whole “I told you so” thing every time someone said “You should do stand up” or “You should be a comedian”… Yeah yeah yeah okay… I’ll add it to my bucket list. :)


I have to admit doing a talk in front of 50 people was scary at first but I got more and more comfortable with it. I have to give props to Toastmasters for helping me move through my fear of public speaking. Even though that was years ago, just helping me realize it’s not that scary made a huge difference in my life and career. By the end of my talk I was ready for my next one the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Skokie IL on August 16, 2015. I want to give a special THANK YOU to my client Dr. Leilah McNabb who stood up and gave a shining testimonial to the crowd at my talk. Wow! That was incredible… I let myself soak it up because hearing how I help people to help people to help people is the reason why I do what I do. Life is good. :)


After my talk, I had a lovely crowd of people sign up for one of my programs called OMG Be The Voice Bootcamp, a 5-week Virtual Group Coaching Program. Thank goodness for my Square Card Reader because almost everyone wanted to pay with credit card! It’s such a handy tool to have if you’re selling at events or expos. And the fees are really reasonable compared to other credit card processing companies. Square is definitely small business friendly! YAY!


Well that sums up most of experiences from last week…I’ve got some great things to look forward to this week. I’ve signed up for the Marketing Technology Telesummit which starts this tomorrow. It’s led by my AWESOME business coach Amanda Goldman-Petri and she will have 18 marketing experts reveal their secrets to leveraging the power of technology to grow your business (even if you’re not techy or just starting out)!


Amanda is an amazing coach and mentor. I’ve been working with her on and off for the last year, and I hired her to be my coach last month… and she’s the kind of coach who actually follows through on what she promises you… Including accountability which is something I really really need. She doesn’t just check in with me weekly… she’s on my ass daily! Making sure I meet my goals… no excuses! And if I have a technology question or a marketing question, she’s gets the answers to me right away. Working with her one on one has been an amazing experience, and I’m really excited about her telesummit this week… You should join me! It doesn’t cost anything to join. Here’s the link to sign up — http://wsdm.it/marketingwithamanda


I’ll also be at the Celebrate Your Life conference in Lombard-IL this weekend as an attendee and I’m so excited about soaking up all that love and light and wisdom shared by both the speakers and the attendees. I’m especially excited to Lisa Williams, Colette Baron-Reid, and John Holland all on stage together. OMG! Can you imagine the amount of energy, laughter, and feel good vibes pumping out from that stage?! I CAN’T WAIT! Eeek! If you see me, please say hi! I’m usually spaced out in my head at that event, so you might need to literally jump in front of me, do a crazy dance, and yell out “ HEY LENA! HEY LENA!” — and then I’ll be sure to say hi back. :D


Well that’s another long winded update from me. Thanks for reading this all the way through and I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts for the week. I hope you have a fantastic week filled with fun, wonder, and good times… because you deserve it. We all do…. I’m serious. Don’t argue with me… because I’m always right (says the super Virgo)…


May you always feel good and make magic…

heart lena 100

Lena Anani

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