Why did Iyanla Vanzant make me cry?

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I am still buzzing from a wonderful and uplifting weekend with the Celebrate Your Life event. Liz Dawn and her team do such a wonderful job putting on a massive event that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside for days to come. At the closing, she even led us through a beautiful meditation to help us remember and connect with the power of love we all created over the weekend. They have another one coming up in Phoenix in November and I just might go to that one too! I don’t do a whole lotta woo-woo, but when I do, I like to woo-woo with this group. A group of amazing authors and thought leaders on a mission to make the world a better place. Yes please! Sign me up!


Were you there? Did you love it? What was your big aha? I had several aha’s… when I open up the lines of communication with God/Spirit/Universe, I always get a huge download of information. My big ahas were that I am definitely 100% ready to meet my soul mate… I know that sounds super cheezy mc-cheese, but it’s true. I don’t care. I’m single, successful, and freaking awesome! It’s time to share that with someone amazing, kind, and generous. Wow. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this to my massive audience. See, I must really be ready for this. :) I have to give props to Arielle Ford for helping me connect with this energy of manifesting love at her talk. The guided visualization she had us do was intense and powerful. I know I’m going to meet “him” soon. :)


And if he’s a Gemini or Aquarius, I’d be okay with that too. Coming from a Super-Virgo, that’s some serious “shift”. Speaking of signs, Robert Ohatto helped me see the beauty behind every astrological sun sign, to look past the negative traits, and accept that the sun sign (and the other planets in the 12 houses) represent the path that we have chosen for this life. We are not our sun sign, instead our sun sign represents our path… and we can choose to be victims of how our path happened to us, or we can be creators of how we happened to our path. I really liked his talk on Soul Contract Astrology and I’m looking forward to learning more from him.


Later that evening, we were all touched by the beauty, the wisdom, and the fun that came from the 3 Mediums all on one stage. Watching Lisa Williams, John Holland, and Colette Baron-Reid bounce around the stage together (and apart) with so much energy, laughter, and realness was so inspiring… It reminded me that we are all the same. Just a bunch of creative dorks doing what we love with the people we love. When they did their readings for the random people in the audience, I was just blown away by their gifts… but more so their vulnerability. Their willingness to do something so intimate in front of thousands of people. They showed their fear, they made jokes about it, and they showed joy and emotion when “it” connected. Great role models for those of us on the path to professional speaking. Just be real, and everything will fall into place.


All of this wonderful and uplifting, and then at the closing ceremony, this powerhouse of a woman enters the space like a bulldozer of love… BOOM! “Ladies and gentlemen! Iyanla Vanzant!”


Wow what an amazing woman… WOW! I really connected and resonated with everything she said. It was like I had attended the church inside my heart, and she was the preacher woman who had a powerful message while keeping it real, and everything she said spoke directly to my soul. Her message? Forgiveness. Plain and simple… I have done LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and did I mention LOTS of forgiveness work in my 35 years of being alive. I’ve even done forgiveness work around my past life experiences. But her perspective on forgiveness shed light on a deeper layer of wounds that I have neglected to address. That woman had me in tears of sadness and joy… mostly joy. The best kind of tears.


So I bought her book… the hard copy of her book. If you know me, then you know I’m a huge Kindle person (especially after donating my entire library of books when I moved last year). Regardless, her book called out to me and said “take me home” and so I listened. When intuition speaks, you gotta listen, right? It’s purple (my favorite color as you know), it had the word “forGIVEness” written on the cover (creative lettering makes my heart smile), it’s square-shaped (don’t ask me why I love this but I do), the words EFT and tapping were written on the side jacked (I’m all about the magic of tapping), and it had a meditation CD attached with the book (YES!). At $15 I knew this gem was coming home with me. It’s packed with forgiveness exercises for all areas and relationships in your life. I can’t wait to get started on all of it! :)


I’ll have to fit this in somewhere into my schedule between watching the Blackhawks fighting to bring home Lord Stanley, getting my marketing and technology knowledge nuggets with Amanda Goldman-Petri’s Telesummit (you can still register for this — it’s free), hosting my 5-week virtual program called OMG BE THE VOICE BOOTCAMP, hosting a special call tomorrow night to “talk about books”, hosting a meetup for the Chicagoland Podcasters, getting my guests scheduled for my podcast Magic & Moxie (launches in July), deciding if I should host a writer’s retreat in Chicago to help people become authors in one weekend (let me know if you’re interested), and talking to my friends about how awesome Jurassic World was with too much enthusiasm. OMG! It was awesome! It was awesome! It was awesome! They did GOOD!
Well that’s my update in a nutshell (a somewhat large nutshell). Have a great week and I’ll connect with you soon! Until then…

May you always feel good and make magic…

Lena Anani

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