The Joy of Writing

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The joy of writing. That’s what gets me up every morning. The idea that I get to be an author every day. It makes my heart smile, my mind shine, and my soul do cartwheels (yes, cartwheels).

Even this morning, when I went to hit the snooze button about a million times, wanting to get more sleep in, I somehow thought to myself: I would really love to write another blog post, and BAM, I woke up with more life and spirit than ever before. I told myself that I would give myself just 15 minutes to write from the heart about something that meant something to me.

Two minutes of writing have passed and it’s 8:17am now.

I realize writing is the breath that gives me life. When I write, or when I think about writing, I literally wake up. I can feel it in every cell of my body. This light, this fire, this passion to see what new combination of words can inspire someone to change for the better. Yes I love to write to inspire. That’s my main purpose for writing. To inspire myself mostly to see past the barriers of daily life and pull out the inner wisdom that my soul wants me to discover and understand. I get that from writing.

It’s 8:20 now and I am realizing more about myself now than in the last several weeks. My heart and my soul and my mind all want to write. It’s where my ego and my higher self actually work in unison–a cooperative collaboration to get this dual fulfillment. Even better to witness these two frenemies come together for a shared purpose: sharing wisdom on the spot knowing it will inspire at least one person to write, to create, to be something that is authentic and can inspire others to do the same.

It’s not your actual words that inspire, I think to myself. It’s the act of writing and sharing your words that ignite the passion for someone else. It’s the doing that you do, not the being that you be, that sparks the creative desire for another person.

It’s not what you say or how you say it. It’s not about structure or content. It’s about being authentic and genuine. It’s about being real, because when you’re real, people will relate to that. And when people can relate to you, your wisdom can go a long way.

I only have 2 minutes left to write at 8:28 am. The finish line is approaching.

What else can I say about this love affair with writing? What else can I say about the one thing that wakes me up in the morning? What else can I say about the one gift that has given me joyful purpose for the last several years?

I will use my last remaining minute to remind myself that writing makes me smile, writing makes me glow, and writing makes me want to live.

So keep writing and keep sharing your authentic voice, with all its imperfections because the perfection lies in the action of writing and not in the words themselves. Thus, you are perfect, and writing from the heart will always remind you of your innate perfection.

May you always feel good and make magic…

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