Techie Tuesday: 3 Of My Favorite Photo Editing Apps For Less Than $3

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When it comes to sharing great photos with my community, I love to “filter and fancy” my photos. I love making them look magical, and so I turn to my 3 favorite iPhone apps to brighten and beautify my snapshots. Whether it’s a selfie or a scenic shot, I can’t recommend these apps enough. So, here you go!




1. Picfx iPhone / Android }

I absolutely love this iPhone app! This one is my go-to app for almost every photo. They’ve got so many fun filters to work with, and my favorite is “Marshmallow” because it adds purple and pink hues to my photos, making them look so magical. They also have bokeh filters which give photos that extra sparkle. And the best part is you can layer the filters on top of each other in just one editing session, saving you a lot of time. This app is definitely worth the $1.99 investment!


2. moreBeaute2iPhone / Android }

Sooooooo… This one’s great for softening an image or adding more light to the image. Either way you’re going to make the subject of the photo shine. It works like a super easy “photoshopping” tool to make people in the photo look better. With all the photoshop-shaming we’ve been doing with the celebs lately, I was almost to embarrassed to share this app with you, but I know you’re probably going to love this app anyway. I don’t use it often, but I definitely use it for when I take dark pics or when my complexion doesn’t glow in my pics. I guess the most important take away is that this app will brighten up your photos, making them look almost professionally taken. Bonus points for the app being a free one! Try it, you’ll like it!


3. A Beautiful Mess { iPhone / Android }

This one doesn’t need much introduction, because I know most people already have this one on their phones, but I still want to post it as one of my faves. I love this app because you can take your photos and add a little pizzaz to them with some fun shapes, borders, and doodles. This app also has filters, and you can create some really cool collages with it as well. Lots of cool “hipster” features with this one for such a great price of 99 cents.


Snap some photos and be sure to share them with us here. Would love to see what kind of magic you can create with your cameras.

May you always feel good and make magic…


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