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Hello Friend,

2 months into my 90 Day Facebook Fast, and I’m finally feeling some serious social media withdrawals. I almost convinced myself to give in yesterday and dive right back in, hoping no one would notice. But my inner Jiminy Cricket talked me out of it.

(Honesty-check: I have logged into and reactivated my personal FB account several times in the past 60 days, but only because some of the apps I use require an FB login, so annoying, or some other logistical reason, and then I deactivate immediately after, resisting the temptation to check my notifications or dive into my news feed. Bravo, me.)

Look, I’d be cheating myself if I broke my social media fast early. It’s just another 30 days. If I can do 60 days, then 30 will go by pretty fast. But omg I miss being connected on FB. It’s crazy addictive, and I do feel slightly lost without being in my FB groups or being invited to events or knowing what’s happening with my friends. That’s what I miss the most — feeling like I’m part of a community.

The best side-effect of my 90 Day Facebook Fast is that I’ve had so much free time. I dove into personal growth books, took a whole bunch of comedy classes, made some new friends in LA, found the perfect job, and took the first steps towards producing my first film. But most importantly, I started a new relationship.

Yup, a new relationship with Habits (ha! gotcha!). I’ve been going steady with Habits for the past 6 weeks. I have been OBSESSED with creating new good daily habits to help strengthen my foundation (root chakra) and balance out my life in a healthy way.

When I used to talk about habits, I’d only focus on my bad habits, like Facebook, overeating, and keying cars. You know, the usual stuff people complain about. But ever since I started getting intimate with Habits, my whole perspective changed. Instead of whining about my bad habits, why don’t I start creating good habits that I can be proud of? (Like keying luxury cars instead of regular cars.)

And now… for your cerebral-consuming pleasure… here are the top 10 resources I found that helped me explore, understand, and embody the benefits of HABITS (drumroll, please):

1. In my last update I raved about Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes, and I’m still raving about him and his site. I love all the info I’ve learned in the past 6 weeks, mostly from his site. Anywho, I started my journey with a focus on Habits, reading all his notes on habits and taking his Habits 101 class. If you’re curious at all about how to change and improve your relationship with Habits, then check out his Habits 101 course. It’s fuh-ree, which I think is an amazing deal. Click here to sign up for the course.

2. Since I’ve been obsessed about Habits, it’s all I talk about. And when I spent the day at Disneyland with my friend and fellow author, Meadow Linn, the topic of habits came up (of course) and she shared this amazing resource with me that simplifies how to start creating good habits that actually last. (Hint: it’s a lot easier than you think.) Click here to read the blog post.

3. I track my good habits every single day, and I’ve only been focused on creating daily habits (weekly and monthly habits coming soon). I look at my tracker several times a day to check off what I’ve completed, and remind myself of the ones I have yet to do (or throw a tantrum about it when I’m feeling lazy). It works. For most of my new good habits, I’ve hit a 95-100% success rate. A few new habits I’m still struggling with, but I know I just need to tweak them to make them work for me. Anyway, I’ve been tracking my good daily habits on Google spreadsheets, because I’m a spreadsheet nerd, and I’ll always be one, so deal with it. However, some people prefer pen and paper, and I thought maybe a bullet journal would be perfect for this. On of my internet friends, Kimberly Job, is the Goddess of all things Bullet Journals. Click here to follow her on Instagram for inspiration.

4. I have to give props to Weight Watchers for getting my brain trained on the idea of daily tracking. Yep, you read that right. I’m a Weight Watchers girl. I’m also a pretty decent success story, but there’s so many out there… because it works. They’ve trained me to track my food and liquids (in the form of smart points) every single day, no matter what. And my personal WW coach trained me to “enjoy it and let it go” when I overeat, so no more guilt trips and self-defeating behaviors. Huzzah! I’ve lost 32 pounds so far, and I started 9 months ago (even though I eat a lot because I love to eat dammit, that’s why I’m fat). But 32 pound tho, that’s like 4 gallons of milk, yo. So double-huzzah! Needless to say, I highly recommend WW if you’re looking to create good habits around food and exercise. Email me if you have any questions, and I say start with personal coaching for the first few months! Click here to learn more about the program.

5. Adding good habits to your morning routine is key. I’ve added 5 new small things to my morning routine that guarantee that I have a happier healthier day (which means less tantrums in public). I added a 10 minute workout video, 10 crunches on 3 sides, 5 neck strengthening exercises, 1 round of EFT, and a love meditation where I send out love and gratitude to all the people, places, and things in my life… including YOU! The best addition is adding my 10 min mix-and-match workout video (by Leslie Sansone). It’s simple, fun, and has 10 different low impact workouts, so the variety is there to keep me interested, and the good energy kicks off the momentum to complete my other good habits. Best of all, it only cost me $1.99. Click here to download the workout video.

6. Creating a healthy nighttime routine is also important, but I am sucking at it. Usually a good routine involves no screen time at least an hour before bed, falling asleep before midnight, and some meditation, journaling, and other self-love things. I have struggled and resisted so hard to make these happen. Instead, I watch streaming video on my iPad mini, which sits on my nightstand, until I fall asleep, usually past midnight. And then I have really weird and stressful dreams, and wake up cranky. Lucky for me, my morning routine slaps the cranky out of me before I interact with another living creature, and then I become happier than a Disney princess high on cotton candy (mmm cotton candy, yes please). So this one’s a work in progress. But here’s a list of resources from Brian Johnson on the topic of sleep routines. Click here to read, listen, or watch.

7. I track my steps with my Misfit Shine. It’s this minimalistic fitness tracker that I ALWAYS wear on my wrist. It’s super cute, thin, and counts my steps and tracks my activity. I love it, and it’s much prettier than the other brands (#sorrynotsorry). One of my daily habits is to reach a certain number of steps each day, and having my Misfit Shine makes it super easy for me track.  Click here to buy one at a decent price.

8. The water habit is another new one I’ve become religious about. I started out with a goal of drinking at least 40 oz a day. It’s definitely not enough to stay hydrated and healthy, but I had to start small (as you’ll learn from the Habits resources above). I’m working my way up to 100 oz, and I’m currently at 64 oz a day. My body prefers it when I drink more water, and I have to give props to my new favorite water bottle that helps me get there. Made by Simple Modern and comes in different delicious colors. I went with pistachio green because it makes me think of the sea for some strange reason (I’m going through another mermaid phase, so let me be). Click here to buy one in your favorite color.

9. The meal prep habit is also important, and I have shopping lists for each of my favorite stores set up on my iPhone reminders app. I make the list, check off what I buy, and then uncheck everything again to refresh the list for when I go back. Saves so much time! Containers are also important to have in place to manage your portions and make your meals ready to grab when that hungry beast takes over. So, I wanted to use this opportunity to plug my UCB Improv friend who makes and distributes MealPrep containers. Freakin’ genius. Click here to check out his awesome meal prep containers.

10. And since we’re on a roll with pluggin friends, I also wanted to promote my amiga Mona Aburmishan. She’s an incredibly talented comedian who hosts a twice-monthly comedy show in Chicago. Her show, The Comedy Bowl, is a stand-up comedy showcase that happens at the Diversey River Bowl. She invites the coolest talent, and she’s freakin hilarious herself. In fact, she’s the reason why I was inspired to do stand up comedy. I was also a production intern for her show last year, and I saw all the behind the scenes hard work that goes into producing her super fun show. Most importantly, her show wouldn’t be a success if she didn’t have good habits in place to keep the momentum going. Oops, there’s that word again. HABITS! Click here to follow Mona Aburmishan.

Man, that was a long one! (that’s what she said). If you made it this far, congratulations. (that’s what she said). If you passed out along the way, you’re welcome. (that’s what she said.) “Damn, she has a lot to say!” (that’s what HE said because he’s a misogynistic pig.) What a fun world we live in today, huh? Go make some good habits, start small, celebrate your life, and key some cars while you’re at it.

Be the voice you want to hear in the world…

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