I fell in love last weekend

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I spent the day today recovering from an incredibly eventful weekend at the Mind Body Spirit expo in Skokie. I even had to take the day off from work, and I’m so glad I did. I really needed it. Self-care is crucial no matter what, and it’s always your own responsibility and choice to manage it. Remember that!


So once again Noteworthy Wisdom had a booth set up with an amazing crew of volunteers to help me run it. Crystal Simpelo and Leilah McNabb were on top of it with the constant traffic we had at our booth, and I’m so grateful for their help! I would not have survived without them.


I was able to reconnect with old friends from past expos, and made new friends. Melissa stopped by to give me a beautiful bracelet and to say hi! I was so surprised and so overwhelmed with love that she would go out of her way to let me know she cared. I also got to give Julianne a big huge hug and met her lovely son and friend. And I was able to acknowledge and thank some of my followers whom I recognized from the last two expos. I’m so grateful for their support and words of encouragement. :)


The new friends I made were also incredibly magical… One of my favorite moments was when I was outside having lunch, and a beautiful women says “I know you! Are you Lena?” and I thought to myself “Uh oh, depends, do I owe you money?” instead I said “Yes I am!” with a big smile. She says “You don’t know me but I love your writing!” Wow what an incredible moment. What a great message from the Universe to let me know that I’m doing something right. Her name is DeNaya and we had a great conversation about authenticity, life, coaching, and making choices. She’s a very wise woman and I can’t wait for her to launch her blog. Her words are inspired!


I also met some other lovely women like Bonnie, Heather, Jennifer, Mary Kay, Shelley, Anita, Blake, Ilene, Victoria, Laura, Lisa and so many more! We just had the most amazing conversations about all things mind, body, spirit and how they show up in the world. And some of these lovely women agreed to be guests on my Noteworthy Wisdom Podcast so you’ll get to see how awesome they are too. I’m so excited about it! :)


As always at the expo, I give a talk about writing and publishing a book. I had a great crowd show up for the talk and once again I was told “you need to do stand up”… Message received! This time I was able to let them know that I’ve already signed up for classes at Second City, and they responded with support in the form of applause… Such awesome wonderful people. At the end of the talk, we had several people sign up for my 5-week virtual program called OMG BE THE VOICE BOOTCAMP which is incredibly exciting because I absolutely love to help people be the voice they want to hear in the world. And I’m thrilled that despite my ADD infused talk, they still wanted to learn from me… YESSSSSSSSS! :)


Most importantly… I met my soulmate at the expo. Her name is Steelie and she’s beautiful. She seduced me with her perfect curves, her dragon fly tattoo, her mesmerizing sound and her teal colored top. I’m in love and I’m proud to let the world know it! I met her on Saturday morning, and I just couldn’t let her go. We hit it off right from the start and she came home with me. Oh! I should probably tell you that I’m talking about my new handmade steel drum that I bought at the expo. She’s a beauty and the sounds she makes are beyond healing. Sometimes I would forget I was supposed to be promoting my booth, and just played the drum getting lost in meditation. People would come by and say “oh that’s you making that healing sound? thank you!” It’s safe to say that Steelie and I make a great pair and we plan on making beautiful music together.


And my last lovely update for you is this… Remember how I was drooling over how amazing my biz coach Amanda Goldman-Petri was last time. Well things have changed… I think she’s more than amazing, she’s awesome sauce! She helped me implement some much needed changes and strategies for my biz that makes it easier for me to do what I love. I can’t say enough good things about that woman.


In case you were wondering, Amanda’s #BAM Academy is NOW OPEN to Wait Listers ONLY! Sign up for the #BAM Academy Wait List today and get access to Personal Website Review, PLUS ALL 9 Other Bonuses. The earlier you sign up, the more bonuses you get. After today, this Personal Website Review bonus is GONE! JOIN HERE >> NoteworthyWisdom.com/BAM


You all know how much I adore my biz coach Amanda Goldman-Petri and I highly recommend you sign up and learn what I’ve learned from her these past two years… I’m also one of her expert coaches, so you’ll get to work with me too! The best of all worlds… YAY! And it costs less than $200 a month! It’s such a freaking deal, I can’t get over it. Let me know when you sign up so we can geek out over how amazing it’s going to be in #BAM Academy!


Stay tuned for more updates on my comedy path. My classes start next week, and I’m so excited to start writing and collaborating with some other funny peeps in Chicago. I’m giddy just thinking about it! If there’s something you’ve been dreaming about doing, then go do it. Why wait? OMG DO IT NOW! :)


May you always feel good and make magic…


Lena Anani


[ PS ] Click here to join my super-awesome private facebook group aka “Noteworthy Nook”… It’s a happy and creative space for people who are fun, magical, and young-at-heart, and we are all about helping each other out with reaching our goals in life and biz.


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