I am in perfect alignment with all that I am.

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I am in perfect alignment with all that I am.

That’s my new powerhouse mantra and I wanted to share it with you in hopes that you can also tap into that magical intention for yourself.

What does it mean for me?

Well, I was thinking about the statement “I am.” It’s been used by many teachers to express the power of our connection with spirit and how we can co-create from that space. My Heart and spirit easily understand this idea, however my over-thinking Mind was struggling with it.

So I had to create a statement that both my Mind and my Heart could align with, because as you might already know, when both the heart and mind align, not only do we experience pure bliss and inner harmony, but we can manifest like cray cray, and let’s face it, that’s what our human egos really want. Am I right? (Of course I’m right, that was a rhetorical question.)

(Chill out ego, I’m trying to change the world here.) So my over thinking led me to the statement “I am perfectly aligned.” And when I said that to myself, I felt good. Warm and fuzzies. I might have even smiled. But my super-Virgo Mind was like “dude, seriously, what the hell does that even mean?” Oh Mind, you tricky friend, you.

My Heart continued to converse with my Mind to reach common ground, and we all fell upon the mantra “I am perfectly aligned with all that I am.” BING!

I literally felt my whole body stand up straight, felt my spine align, and felt my whole body sparkle. That was it. Both my Heart and my Mind literally aligned themselves… to what you ask?

Good question. I saw three glowing spheres of light, all connected. One residing at the center of the earth (the red hot core, for you science nerds), one residing within me in own core (solar plexus, for you chakra nerds), and one residing at the core of the Universe (above and around, for you metaphysical nerds). The three spheres of light were aligned in a straight line from bottom to top. Connection, power, alignment.

I was instantly aligned to the magic of the Universe and reminded that I was not alone on this journey of life.

Now imagine being aligned and creating from this space. So… much… magic! I have been able to release my recent money blocks with this mantra and I find myself instantly manifesting opportunities, adventures, and good health. I’ve been so joyfully productive too! I feel like I’m back to my old self with this magical mantra.

I was thinking why should I keep this all to myself? And that’s where you come in… I just had to share this mantra with you. So, use the mantra and visualize the connection that comes with it or create your own visual. Feel free to modify the mantra to bring your heart and mind into balance.

And for the love all things sparkly, create some awesome magic from that space. It’s powerful and beautiful and filled with love. LOVE! Oh yeah! Almost forgot! I also like to drink up love when I tune into the mantra and visual. So do that too! It’s so freakin nourishing!

I am in perfect alignment with all that I am.

PS: Click here to let me know how this magical mantra worked for you. I’m nosey.

Feel good and make magic…

I am in perfect alignment with all that I am.


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