How do I start my own blog?

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Hello Friend,

Welcome to another edition of my Mirror MIrror Q&A, a funny and insightful quickie mind nibble for your over stimulated modern brain.

The Q — “How do I start my own blog?” / SB from Anaheim, CA

The A — Good question, and surprisingly I get asked this question several times a year. I’m going to take it a sign that people like my blog and want what I’m having… err I mean… want what I’m doing (yeah, that’s it).

I’ve noticed that people who get inspired to launch their first blog are usually inspired because they follow super successful bloggers with super glammy websites (my autocorrect typed that as super clammy websites — gross).

I’m not saying my blog is the best one out there, but I will speak on behalf of all bloggers to say that we love it when our blogs inspire you to create your own (give or take a few crabby clams).

We love it when we hear our friends say they want to start their own blog, but we also want to make sure that you know, up front, that our super awesome blogs weren’t super awesome pieces of perfection when we first started out (haha mine is so not perfect, yes I know).

Most of the successful bloggers out there started out with basic websites. They didn’t worry about how good their website looked. They focused on delivering high quality content that entertained, educated, and/or inspired their audience.

What made them successful was their desire to dive in with gusto, start writing whatever came to mind, and not letting perfection paralysis hold them back.

I started blogging in 2010, and my website was very simple, yet I had several people stay up-to-date on my posts, and would even reach out to me to tell me they enjoyed my writing (every writer’s dream come true). What sparked my blog was the wellness center I had opened up in a Chicago Suburb, and I basically just blogged about my own self-reflection and personal growth (my fave subjects, I know, shocker).

I learned that my authentic style of writing was something my readers and the community enjoyed and found refreshing, which attracted people to the wellness center, some of whom still follow me and read my latest posts (yeah, I see you, friends).

With that said, whenever someone asks me about how to start blogging, they’re essentially asking which platform to use, and I answer their question with two questions:

1. Are you techie enough to learn light coding?
2. Do you plan to sell anything on your blog?

If you answered (1) YES and (2) YES… then you’ll want to create a website with a blog built in. You’re techie enough to Google it and learn how to do this on your own, or find a good course to teach you how. Now get ‘er done.

If you answered (1) YES and (2) NO… then you might want to create a site. The free hosting blog platforms are awesome, well, because they’re free… and usually easy to use. is free, but requires some level of techiness to maximize its features. The free ones are also for personal use, and you’re technically not allowed to sell anything on them.

If you answered (1) NO and (2) NO… then you’ll want to create a website and blog. This platform is offered by Google and I think it’s the easiest to navigate and design. That’s the one I started with and worked my way to a website which is what I have now. Keep in mind that it’s also a free platform, which means no selling.

If you answered (1) NO and (2) YES… then you might want to hire someone to create a for you. If you have something to sell, then you want to look professional with your website, and if you’re not techie enough to do light coding, then you want to make sure you hire an expert to help you launch something that makes you shine. Email me if you want referrals. I know people, and no, they’re not Russian hackers (too soon?).

Regardless of how you answered those 2 questions, I highly recommend the Amazon best-selling book Write On Blogging: 51 Tips to Create, Write, and Promote Your Blog by Debra Eckerling… she’s my friend and colleague who truly impressed me with her latest book. In fact, I wrote her a raving review on Amazon because I absolutely loved how simple, concise, and useful her book was (you can see it here).

So to sum up my rambling-of-the-week about blogging… Don’t overthink the platform and execution of your blog. It will grow and evolve over time so just focus on creating your content and blowing us away with your words and insights.

Whatever platform you choose now can easily be migrated to another platform when you’re ready to take your blog to the next level, so don’t let the blog planning overwhelm you and keep you from getting your wisdom out into the world. Just make it happen… now.

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know when you launch your blog so I can drool over it, so much so that my laptop short circuits from the puddles of saliva (eww gross). And on that note… Byeeeeee.

Be the voice you want to hear in the world…

PS: Did you know you can access the Mirror Mirror archives by clicking here? You’re welcome!


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