Hi! Remember me?

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Hi! Hey there! Hello!

Remember me? I’m Lena and I used to write to you on a regular basis, but I started to overthink my whole writing process for my weekly update which put me in a state of perfection paralysis. I started learning more and more about content marketing and how all my communication needs to have some kind of strategy in place to get you to buy something. Well, I got really good at that… But I lost touch with my best gift which was to simply write from the heart. So I shut down and stopped doing my favorite thing… writing.

I miss those days where I’d schedule a 2 hour block in my calendar to write my notes of wisdom for you. I’d drive my butt over to Panera, order a snack (and that incredible lemonade!), sit down at a booth (it had to be a booth for maximum comfort), and crack open my laptop and start writing whatever I was inspired to write about.

I would reflect on my week. Talk about the wins and the challenges and I would openly share what I learned from those life lessons. With trepidation, I would hit the publish button, and within the hour I would receive a flock of emails letting me how much my words resonated for them. Yay! Instant validation and lots of it. I loved it!

I miss those days. So that’s why I’m typing this out on my phone right now. No room for opportunity to get distracted with several browser tabs open on Chrome to lure me in one way and then another down the social media rabbit hole. I do love that rabbit hole though, not gonna lie. Social media can be so fun and inspiring… especially in my private Facebook Group. I love the party of support and wisdom happening over there. Seriously the peeps in that group rock! (Hi guys!)

Wow! It is so freeing to write and ramble my random thoughts. And I love that I can share them with you. I’m so glad I moved through that fear years ago. One of the many benefits that came from opening up the Chicagoland Wellness Center back in the day. That’s when I was inspired to write weekly from the heart and inspire myself and the community.

So here’s what I’m up to these days:

I’ve been working on creating the Noteworthy Wisdom Academy where I’m going to post all my past, present, and future programs for you to enjoy whenever your heart desires. There will be a small annual membership fee, but it will end up costing a lot less than buying each course on its own. Plus you get a whole bunch of other perks like blogging on the Noteworthy Wisdom site whenever you want, a free ticket to my annual retreat, and some other amazing goodies. I wanted to make my life and your life simple by just offering everything at one simple price. More on that in the next few weeks!

Did you know that I have a full time job? I don’t talk about it much, but I’m one of those nerds who really loves my job and my boss (and I’m not just saying that because she’s probably reading this right now — Hi Pam!). So since I’m busy putting in 40 hours a week (I’m in the School of Service for all my hand analysis peeps), my free time is limited.

So what do I do? Well my passion for my business fuels me to work nights and weekends creating awesome content, marketing and networking authentically, and making magic for my clients. I spent the entire Memorial Day weekend working except for Monday afternoon when I finally got see the Avengers, and had sushi afterwards with my friends. It was a great way to wrap up that crazy busy weekend.

So clearly I have an imbalance in my life. I’ve decided to rework my business model into one that is much more streamlined, automated, and sustainable, so I can still have a life outside of work, hence the Academy. I have no plans to quit my job either. It’s seriously a great job, doing what I love, with a team I absolutely adore (Hi Jeanie and Deb!)… So blessed and grateful!

It’s a goal of mine to get to that stage where the business is running itself… In the meantime I’m busting my butt to get all the moving parts in place.

I’ve also been prepping for the Body Mind Spirit Expo happening next weekend. I need to give a virtual *HIGH FIVE* to Crystal Simpelo who will be helping me run the Noteworthy Wisdom booth (thanks love!). I’ll be giving away a really cool free gift to everyone that stops by, lots of chocolate for the taking, and annoyingly high amounts of smiles. Ha! I’m also doing a talk at the expo on how writing a book can help you get more purpose, play, and profit in your life.

Speaking of talking, I’ve also been working on my Podcast which launches on July 1st, 2015. I’m so nervous and exhilarated at the same time!!! My show is called “Magic & Moxie” and I’ll be interviewing authors who want to make the work a better place and write books that are inspiring, motivating, and empowering. I seriously cannot wait! I have my wish list of authors, some of them include my absolute faves… I mean how amazing would it be if I could interview Elizabeth Gilbert or Louise Hay or Amy Poehler? Omg! I would die… But I would wait to die after the interviews, though. Not during because that would just be so unprofessional. ;)

So I’ve talked about the Academy, the Expo, and the Podcast… There’s more to bore you with but I’ll save it for next time. :P

So what’s new with you? Reply and let me know. I miss hearing from you, but I totally understand the lines of communication work both ways and I haven’t been emailing you either. I’m hoping that today is the start of my regular weekly updates so please hold me accountable! Thank you!

Did I mention I was on vacation this weekend? I’m in a magical place called the Innsbrook Resort just outside of St Louis. This place is incredibly beautiful. Heaven on earth! When I drove into the resort, there were lush green trees everywhere, luscious valleys, and a huge sparkling lake. I started singing the Jurassic Park theme song to myself while driving through because it literally looked like that opening scene when they first get there (before the dinos went cray cray)… I can’t wait to see Jurassic World when it comes out. Yay for Chris Pratt! He is hilarious on Twitter and I have been loving the tweet world lately especially the live tweeting that happens during a Blackhawks game. It’s so hilarious! Yay! Blackhawks! Congrats! Let’s bring home Lord Stanley! :D

OMG! Even my weekly update has ADD… I need help.

Sorry about that and thanks for reading it all the way to end! I’ll share more of my random thoughts next week… Until then…

May you always feel good and make magic…

heart lena 100

Lena Anani

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