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It was a cold Chicago night in the dreary month of January 2014 when I had a heartwarming epiphany. Gently implanted in my mind’s eye was this beautiful vision of cooperation and creativity in the form of the written word. Over the course of the next few days, I immediately took my vision and turned it into a live workshop unlike any other, and The Written Collective was born.

About the Authors 01

From Left: Lena Anani, Sally Scofield, and Crystal Simpelo

The Written Collective represents a time and space where like minded souls come together to connect and share in theirown words a hand written message in unison to form a book for others to enjoy.

This book was written for YOU. What you’ll experience in the following pages is the perfectly divine channeling of information written down in the moment as the Universe guided us to.

Not a single one of us takes any credit for any specific part of this book. Instead we share the credit for the whole book, as each one of us authentically infused our combined noteworthy wisdom into every chapter.

Group Photo 02

From Left: Sally Scofield, Lena Anani, and Crystal Simpelo

The Written Collective is the perfect example of what happens when creative souls come together to write without ego and without the need to be singled out as being better than any other author in this book. We simply decide to show up and step up to the challenge of writing one amazing, inspiring, and powerful book while being fully in the moment.

Hear Us Roar: 18 Simple Ways to Embody MORE Courage, Love, and Integrity was collectively written in less than 10 hours by Sally Scofield, Crystal Simpelo, and me (Lena Anani). We dedicated one magical weekend in the energy-infused town of Sedona, AZ and allowed our words to flow seamlessly for the good of all, sharing one positive message after another.

Watch this super fun and silly video that we made that weekend to celebrate the completion of our book:

All of us were completely in awe of the entire journey and the beautiful gifts it produced along the way, while recognizing that the words we expressed were not only meant for you to read, but were also clearly meant for us to digest as well… and we graciously did.

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Enjoy this book. Return to it often. Read it cover to cover, or randomly flip to any of the pages for some on-the-spot divine guidance. No matter how you choose to use this book, we know you will resonate with these words just as much as we did.

Thank you for allowing us to share our thoughts with you, and we would love to hear from you, too. Contact us! Don’t be shy!

May you always feel good and make magic…

Lena Anani
Founder & Leader – The Written Collective



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