Give me my sunshine yo.

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Give me my sunshine, yo.


*Please note that I wrote this brain-ramble two days ago. It took me a minute to send it out because I still needed to proofread my work and get these words into my fancy pants email sending machine. Just letting you know so you’re not wondering about the timing of the topics discussed below (great weather). Okay well that’s all I have to say about that… Enjoy!


As a Californian living in Chicago I’ve learned to appreciate the few warm and sunny days we are gifted with every summer. In the past, I would just work my way through the day and get home at sunset, missing all the goodness the warm sun had to offer.


I said “no thank you” to the daily dose of all-natural GMO-free organic vitamin D. I took it for granted. I didn’t realize I was missing it so much. I only allowed myself to enjoy the sun on the rare weekends when we weren’t being pummeled by thunderstorms.


So it’s no wonder that I decided to move back to California last year after almost 6 years of weather sadness (I actually enjoyed it the first year). As soon as arrived in Cali I went for walks outside every morning with my Mama, and spent a few afternoons each week at Disneyland (my happy place) with Diana (my sister from another mister) and Steph (my loveable Disney BFF).


Even though I felt so happy about my awesome life in Cali, I still felt like something was missing. My heart wasn’t feeling settled in, and I knew there was something I needed to figure out but couldn’t my finger on it. Especially noticeable when I was looking for a place to live. Living at my parents house was magical (refreshing pool, yummy cooking, and my hilarious parents) but this introvert needed her own space to disconnect from the world, and the Universe kept shutting down any possible opportunity to move into my own place in SoCal.


I was beginning to feel like Southern California didn’t want me back. Was there bad blood between us? Perhaps a grudge for being away for more than 6 years when I said it would only be 3 months? Was it because I started talking with that weird Chicago “A” in my accent? “Caahrs, Baahrs, and da Chicaahgo Super Faahns” — You know what I’m talking about, right?


I began to think about where I was supposed to live. If it’s not SoCal, then where? I love Arizona, so I considered Sedona, Phoenix, and Tucson. Nope, not it. I considered Austin for its cool creative entrepreneurial playground of a town (plus the amazing food OMG!) but it still wasn’t right. I lived in the Bay Area for a few months so maybe there? Or what about San Diego? No and no. So where the heck was I supposed to end up?


4 months after I moved myself back to Cali (sold the house and got rid of almost everything I had), I came back to visit my best friends for a week. My best friends are a married couple, Crystal and Drew. Drew and I were planning a super secret trip to Chicago to surprise Crystal. The surprise was epic. We made her cry. Goal accomplished! :)


I think it was in that moment when my heart was telling me “this is home”. My mind with its boisterous ego quickly brushed aside those thoughts and reminded me of “how costly it had been to move away from Chicago, and you just quit your job, and you just sold your house and it would be absolutely ridiculous to even consider coming back!” I mean seriously?! Who does that?!


This girl. This girl does that. A few days into the trip talking to everyone about my “where do I live” dilemma (and I do thank God every day that my dilemmas are that mundane btw), my mind reluctantly aligned with my heart, and I made the decision to move back to Chicago so I can drive my besties crazy all day every day. And within two weeks I was officially living in Chi Town once again. That was almost a year ago.


I haven’t doubted my decision yet. I jokingly make comments about the weather (ugh the winters gah!) but I’m still so happy living here. I love the people here, my friends, my coworkers, my apartment, the food (haha), and the incredibly loving family that “adopted” me here. I feel so blessed and supported here, by friends and strangers alike.


When people ask me why I moved back, I say “because my heart wanted to be in Chicago”. That’s the truth and nothing but the truth. The pull was too strong and I couldn’t resist it any longer. Will I move again? Who knows, but right now I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be.


I’m typing this on my iPhone as I lay by the pool. It’s about 6pm now, and the Sun and Warmth is absolutely perfect. Lessons have been learned from my past and I am making a conscious decision to pursue what makes me happy. Today I had the insatiable desire to leave work early and soak up some sun. I didn’t work late like I usually do. I left 2 hours early, just in time to catch about 2 hours of delicious sun out by the pool.


And so I sit here smiling like a fool high on vitamin D, typing into my phone like a mad woman, getting all of my thoughts down as the words flow from my crown to my fingertips.


Life is beautiful and life is short. Enjoy it while you can for as long you can. If you don’t know your life purpose, then make “enjoying life” your life purpose. Follow your joy, and trust that everything will work out well for you.


May you always feel good and make magic…


Lena Anani


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