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Curiosity is a noun that’s defined as an intense desire to know and understand. If this word had colors to match, it would be a rainbow. All colors of the spectrum that lead to complete awareness. One color leads to the next to the next to the next and so on until you’ve collected all the colors to create the unified color of clarity. After meditating on this word for the past week, I’ve realized that this word has had quite the bad rap. I’m hoping I can reintroduce curiosity as a good quality, trait, or characteristic to embrace as part of our collective personality. My own curiosity about the act of being curious has led me to the following conclusions:

1. Curiosity did NOT kill the freakin’ cat. Of course my mind went straight to the well-known cliche “curiosity killed the cat.” Why in the world did we come up with this one? Think of all the times you thought of this statement or repeated it back to someone, most likely a child, inhibiting their innate desire to learn about their environment. It’s such a limiting belief, keeping us safe and sound in our little boring comfort zones. Maybe it wasn’t curiosity that killed the cat? Maybe it was some genetic defect from inbreeding that caused the cat to die. We have a built in system to keep us safe for the most part, and sometimes that system (fear) can hold us back from doing great things. So why add more fear to our mindset with this awful cliche? Why, God, why? Seriously, it’s time to let that one go. In real life, curiosity made the cat smarter, which is why that furry feline discovered how to have nine lives. Click here to see what my friends on Facebook had to say when I asked them if curiosity killed the cat >>

2. Curiosity can rock the classroom. My friend Pete Carney inspired me recently with his TEDx Talk on “Designing Curiosity” where he talks about creating a modern classroom in education where teachers lead with the element of curiosity. Pete made so many great points about how make children smarter by using the curious minds of today’s kids who love to Google their information. I loved watching it not only because it gave me hope for a better educational experience for children in schools, but it also inspired me to create better ways to coach and lead my clients to success by using the influence of curiosity in our written and spoken conversations. Yes, I can give them all the answers, but they can experience a much more powerful outcome when their curiosity leads them to find what truly right for them. It’s an anti-cookie-cutter approach to coaching, and I’m really excited about it! So, how do I know Pete? Well he’s my super awesome buddy from Improv class, and part of my #SecondCityFamily. Click here to watch Pete Carney rock his TEDx talk on Designing Curiosity >>

3. Curiosity can be educational, enlightening, and empowering. Obviously this is my stance on curiosity, especially if you’ve read this far, but I’d like to elaborate a little more on this. Curiosity has led me down several paths in life, some not so good, but most of them pretty darn amazing. Curiosity led me to learn more about how to write a book, which I eventually did. And curiosity led me to ask my clients what they wanted me to teach them, and they wanted to learn how to write a book, which I did. And curiosity led me to learn more about writing, which led me to becoming the Content Strategy Magician where I help people with any and all of their writing projects, including books, programs, marketing, and more. And curiosity is an element that I’m choosing to keep as part of my persona, my brand, and my experience. It’s only going to get better with curiosity as my partner in life and biz. Click here to feed your curiosity about writing a book in my free webinar where I’ll help you move past the 3 major roadblocks all authors face when they start >>

How does the word #CURIOSITY inspire you? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts because I’d love to know!


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