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I want to celebrate some exciting news with you… I was recently hand-picked by Amanda Goldman-Petri, Marketing & Technology Coach, to be one of her three Guest Experts for #BAM Academy, a 12 month journey to create a profitable business that gives you the #Raise you need and the #HappyLife you crave without sacrificing your health or happiness.


I’m excited, because I have been working with Amanda since the Fall of 2013 and she is the most transparent, value-driven, and tech-savvy marketing coach I know (not to mention the happiest)!


In #BAM Academy, she and I will be sharing with you how you can create a profitable, balanced business without burning yourself out. That’s because even though Amanda created her 6+ figure business in 4 short months at the age of 23, what really makes her stand out is her strong belief in the importance of work-life balance.


So, you can believe that I am recommending #BAM Academy to you as a trustworthy resource for growing a profitable lifestyle business.


Because the doors just opened today and are only open for a limited time (in fact, the early bird bonuses expire on Friday), let me to share with you what you’ll discover when you join #BAM Academy


You will:

  • Develop an authentic brand that gets you noticed.
  • Identify your most ideal and profitable niche.
  • Create your signature system that you will become known for.
  • Organize your business funnels and predict your income.
  • Package your services to support your ideal lifestyle.
  • Charge what you’re worth and get it.
  • Confidently and comfortably sell on the phone and via email and social media.
  • Plan a profitable launch without feeling exhausted.
  • Expand your visibility and grow a list of loyal followers who become happy clients.
  • Profit from a new marketing trend: Facebook Groups.
  • Generate leads and sales with my Facebook advertising hacks.


You will make these discoveries as you work through the program via 12 core training modules, and as Amanda and I support you for 12 months in a private Facebook Group community.


#BAM Academy also includes the following perks: weekly accountability check-ins to ensure your success in the program, monthly office-hours to ask marketing or technical questions, 2 bonus trainings on 6-figure marketing and mindset, tons of swipe copy and templates you can edit and use as your own, private coaching and more bonus trainings with her highly acclaimed guest experts on Mindset, Funnels, and Content Strategy. (I’m the Content Strategy Expert in case you didn’t already figure that out!)


This is all valued at OVER $10,000, yet Amanda is making the program affordable to you for 12 easy payments of $197. This way, you can easily get a return on investment from the program (make one sale in 12 months and #BAM you make your money back)!


Get started with #BAM Academy today for just $197, so that you can create your profitable, balanced business without sacrificing your health or happiness.


As a Guest Expert for #BAM Academy, I will be giving away a spot in my OMG BE THE VOICE BOOTCAMP ( a 5-week Virtual Coaching Program) and a 30-min private coaching session to every single person that registers. AND I’ll be your resident Content Strategy Magician in the #BAM Academy private Facebook group to ask me for guidance whenever you need help or want to brainstorm your ideas! You have no idea how excited I am to be helping 100 amazing entrepreneurs get their content goals accomplished… I’m so grateful to Amanda for giving me this opportunity! :)


If you…

*Are not giving yourself a paycheck yet through your business

*Are paying yourself, and want to give yourself a major raise

*Would like to find a way to grow your business without burning yourself out

*Would love to join a coaching experience that makes getting a Return on Investment super easy


… then click here to join #BAM Academy today, because it is perfect for you.


Because we love to reward entrepreneurs who kick their money fear to the curb and take inspired action towards reaching their dreams, you will be rewarded with the following bonuses when you sign up today only:


  • 6-Figure Mindset Masterclass
  • Downloadable access to all recordings from the Best Damn Online Biz Summit
  • A Training on How To Get High End Clients
  • A Training on 6-Figure Copywriting
  • A Training on How To Manage Your Finances (so you can keep more of the money you make)


Tomorrow, one bonus will disappear and be gone forever, and one bonus will continue to disappear each day until Saturday, when they’ll all be gone. So the earlier you sign up, the more bonuses you get!


Join me now to discover how you can create a profitable, balanced business that gives you the #raise you need, and the life you #crave without working your butt off… because your life is meant to be fun, carefree, purposeful, and abundant!

BTW — I loved this program so much that I was planning on signing up until Amanda invited me to be an Expert Coach on her team… True story! It’s such a good deal, I won’t be surprised when the program sells out soon. She’s seriously an amazing coach. :) Give yourself a raise by joining #BAM Academy here: http://NoteworthyWisdom.com/BAM


May you always feel good and make magic…

Lena Anani

[ PS ] Click here to join my super-awesome private facebook group aka “Noteworthy Nook”… It’s a happy and creative space for people who are fun, magical, and young-at-heart, and we are all about helping each other out with reaching our goals in life and biz.

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